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Why Table Tennis?

Table Tennis is a sport that helps you develop your physical and cognitive capacities at the same time you are having fun. 

Table Tennis for All

Table tennis is a friendly sport for all ages and skill levels. With 226 member associations worldwide, it’s a sport enjoyed globally.

No matter your background, you’ll find someone to play with you.

Dorothy De Low (1910-2013), an Australian player who competed until the age of 97, was known as the oldest competitive table tennis player. She was living proof that age is not a limitation.

Her legacy continues to inspire future generations to play table tennis, promoting a healthier and longer life through sports.

Alexus Lee (on the left) and Victoria Lee (on the right) both Manitoban players. 2023 Team National Champions Under 15 years old.

Join our tournaments

We have tournaments all year long, with events suitable for different skill levels and ages.

Are you the champion of your basement? Challenge yourself and see if you have what it takes to be Manitoba’s #1!

Even if you don’t play, you can join us to experience the highest level of table tennis in the province.

Table Tennis Benefits

Table Tennis has many health and cognitive benefits here are some: 

  1. Lowering cholesterol
  2. Great aerobic Exercise 
  3. Lowering risk of diabetes and heart disease
  4. Lowering blood pressure
  5. Improving sleep
  6. Enhancing brain function
  7. Improving hand-eye coordination
  8. Improving reflexes
  9. Developing mental acuity
  10. Develop strength and flexibility

It is also proven that while there is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, research suggests that playing table tennis stimulates the mind and body, resulting in a slowdown in the progression of cognitive decline. This means that individuals affected by Alzheimer’s can potentially enjoy a higher quality of life for a more extended period

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