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About Us

About Us

The Sport

Table Tennis, besides being in the Summer Olympics, is also one of the world’s largest participation sports and is the hardest racquet sport to play. Like badminton, squash, tennis and racquetball, table tennis has the parameters of speed, power and placement but add in spin and extreme sudden variations of spin and you have the basis for a most demanding sport. SO GET OUT OF THE BASEMENT AND PLAY TABLE TENNIS WITH THE MANITOBA TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION!


The M.T.T.A. is incorporated as a volunteer nonprofit organization with the objectives of promoting and developing all aspects of table tennis throughout Manitoba. The M.T.T.A. offers numerous programs which adhere to the Canadian Sport 4 Life principles guiding Long Term Athlete Development.

Core Values

The primary focus of all M.T.T.A. activities is the development of Athletes, Coaches and Officials through delivery of our major programs. Program delivery will be conducted within an environment that is based on openness, trust and integrity. In doing so, the Manitoba Table Tennis Association values:
• Participation by all in our Sport;
• The pursuit of excellence in our Sport;
• The support and recognition of the important role and contribution of both volunteers and staff in developing, delivering and evaluating our programs and services;
• Commitment to being dynamic and action oriented in our approach and to address challenges with openness and integrity;
• Innovation, creativity and receptiveness to new ideas as shown by our volunteer and professional leaders.
• Importance of maintaining and fostering new relationships with various partner organizations in Manitoba and the rest of Canada.