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Tournaments: Out of Province

In addition to local tournaments, members are also eligible to compete in a variety of tournaments held in neighboring provinces and states. Some of these are as follows:

2023 Canada Winter Games

February 19th – 24th, 2023
Summerside, P.E.I.

2023 Canadian Senior Championships

Spring 2023, (T.B.C.)
Location (T.B.C.)

2023 Saskatchewan Int’l Open Teams Event

May 20th – 22nd, 2023, (T.B.C.)
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (T.B.C.)

2023 Canadian Junior Championships

July , 2023, (T.B.C.)
Location (T.B.C)

*T.B.C. = To Be Confirmed


The M.T.T.A. can assist your group in getting a league started. This year leagues will again run in Winnipeg, and hopefully in the South and North sport regions. Some leagues are team based and others are individual based. Results are processed for Manitoban & Canadian rankings and prizes will be awarded to the leagues top finishers. Results may also count towards selection of Manitoba’s Provincial teams.


To assist coaches and officials, the M.T.T.A. keeps a library of written and video resource materials in the Coaching Manitoba Resource Centre. The M.T.T.A. also participates in the National Coaching Certification Program and periodically hosts coach development clinics and informs members on where and how they can complete the various technical, theory and practical components. Coaches are given the opportunity to “Apprentice” as coaches in the various previously listed athlete development programs. These programs are overseen by our Athlete Development Director. The M.T.T.A. also strive to ensure that all of our coaches have completed Sport Manitoba’s “Respect in Sport” program.

Coaching Manitoba has multiple online courses being hosted: The M.T.T.A. also host clinics for umpires and referees. Umpires and referees from the Club to International level are afforded the opportunity to participate in the prementioned programs and to be selected to officiate at various interprovincial, national and international events.


The M.T.T.A. strive to promote and develop the sport in all areas of Manitoba through making available resource materials dealing with coaching, player and officials development and by doing exhibition, demonstration and coaching clinics at schools, community clubs, churches, trade shows and shopping malls. We also have “Equipment Loan” and “New Club Development” programs that allow for your group to borrow equipment at reasonable rates. The M.T.T.A. could also advertise your club or group on our website. Let us know where and when you play and let us help you grow!


The M.T.T.A. continue to strive to ensure that facilities and tables are available throughout Manitoba to allow for players of all ages to participate in low intensity, fun, physical table tennis activities. These clubs are outfitted with top quality tables, nets, paddles and balls to allow you to play and exercise like a pro.


The M.T.T.A. provide opportunities for kids and youth to take lessons in table tennis at facilities run by N.C.C.P. certified coaches. Through these classes, clinics & camps, players of various abilities and ages learn the “Fundamentals” of table tennis and begin to “Learn to Train” in table tennis.

Our Junior Developmental Coaching Program offers opportunities both in the school and club contexts. Participating players may be scouted for inclusion in our Hopefuls Program.


Each year the M.T.T.A. run several tournaments and sanction numerous others. M.T.T.A. tournaments include singles and doubles events structured according to both ability and age levels. Thus tournaments have events for beginners through to experts for all ages and all genders. Results from some event categories are tabulated and count towards results in the “$2,000 MANITOBA CIRCUIT”. Results also count towards the selection of our Provincial Teams. Numerous partners including schools, community centres and the Sport Regions also host local events. The M.T.T.A. often assist with these and we process all tournament results for Manitoban and Canadian Ratings & Rankings.


Canada Winter Games Try-Outs #2

Saturday, October 1st, 2022
Cornerstone Alliance Church, Winnipeg

Manitoba Closed & Canada Games #3

Saturday, November 5th, 2022
Daniel McIntyre Collegiate, Winnipeg

Manitoba Open Prov. Championships

Saturday & Sunday, December 10th & 11th, 2022
Daniel McIntyre Collegiate, Winnipeg

Red River Open

Saturday, February 4th, 2023 Daniel McIntyre Collegiate, Winnipeg

Frontier Games Divisionals

March, 2023 (T.B.C.)
Location (T.B.C.)

Golden Boy Open

Saturday, March 18th, 2023
Daniel McIntyre Collegiate, Winnipeg

Frontier High School Championships

April 2023
Location (T.B.C.)


Saturday, April 22nd, 2023
Daniel McIntyre Collegiate, Winnipeg

*T.B.C. = To Be Confirmed
= Manitoba Circuit 2 Star Event 1 Star Event