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THE “FONG” Blog Report: Red River Open

Red River Open Championships (Saturday FEB 4th 2023 at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate)

The Red River Open Championships were held on Saturday February 4th at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate. Our winners are listed as following: 

Pro A Singles: Matthew Lehmann 

       B Singles: John Nguyen  

       C Singles: Raul Bernales  

A Doubles: Alexus Lee + Gordon Chow  

B Doubles: Ferdinand Pasqual + Juan Tagle Jr.  

>40 Years A: Juan Talge Jr.  

>40 Years B: Allan Saindon, St. Genieve  

Junior Boys A: Charles Belches  

Junior Boys B: Ryson Lee Wang  

Junior Girls A: Grace Qi 

Junior Girls B: Ruby Nguyen  

We have also conducted a survey on long pimpled racquets.  

But first, what are long pimped racquets? 

According to Butterfly Table Tennis, Long Pip rubbers are generally used by players who rely on their opponents to make mistakes. The composition of long pip rubbers is similar to short pip rubber, but the pips are taller. When your opponent’s ball contacts this surface, the taller pips are easily bent, reversing the oncoming spin.  

We have asked 14 players if they think long pimpled racquets should be allowed during tournaments? 

Throughout the 14 participants. 11 have suggested Yes and 3 have suggested No.  

Here are some thoughts from 3 players at the Red River Open Championships.  

Anonymous Player: 

‘It doesn’t actually show your true skill. As you start to get older, I find that people with pips would play more often with pips because it’s probably easier for them and not as hard and not as much work and effort to play a game.’   

Andreżj Wiewiora: 

‘I play many guys having those (pimpled racquets). To me, personally I don’t see any problem because of my style of playing. I’m a chopper. So they’re chopping back. But somebody who is playing more advanced and more attacking would probably have a problem because of the spin of the ball. To me, personally for my style I don’t mind having pips.’ 

Ferdinand Pascual: 

‘I found out that pips are really hard to beat, they’re really unpredictable. The spin is so unpredictable so it’s hard to verse against pips.’