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Frontier Games Table Tennis Event Report

The Frontier Games Table Tennis event, held as part of the 49th edition of the Frontier Games, concluded with great success. Approximately 1,200 participants from 33 schools took part in this exhilarating tournament, which aimed to provide students with an opportunity to enjoy sports, physical activity, and recreation while developing their leadership skills. Our top official Gregory Chan officiates the table tennis competition.

Here we share the results:

SV Boys Category:

Gold Medal: Mitchell Campeau (Rorketon School)

Silver Medal: Bobby Rideout (HBO School)

Bronze Medal: Bryan Queskekapow (HBO School)

SV Girls Category:

Gold Medal: Alexis Monias (HBO School)

Silver Medal: Deja Tait (MJS School)

Bronze Medal: Brandee Swanson (HBO School)

JV Boys Category:

Gold Medal: Brodi Wood (Wanipigow School)

Silver Medal: Heath Everett (Berens River School)

Bronze Medal: Tim Richard (MJS School)

JV Girls Category:

Gold Medal: Kiera Robinson (MJS School)

Silver Medal: Christa Ross (Grand Rapids School)

Bronze Medal: Aubrey Anderson (Thunderbird School)

Mitchell Campeau from Rorketon School showcased exceptional skills and determination, earning the gold medal in the SV Boys category. In the SV Girls category, Alexis Monias of HBO School exhibited outstanding table tennis, earning the gold medal. Brodi Wood of Wanipigow School emerged as the victor in the JV Boys category, displaying skill and great fighting spirit to claim the gold medal. Kiera Robinson of MJS School triumphed in the JV Girls category securing her gold medal.

The competition was a testament to the participants’ talent, dedication, and sportsmanship, making the Frontier Games Table Tennis event a resounding success.

Carlos Cuadra Reporting.