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The Fong Report


Hello all Manitoba “Ping Pongers”, welcome to 2023 and our new website! For our first post of the new site we bring you the “Fong Report.”   

Larissa Fong is one of our well known young up and coming table tennis players.  She and some of her team-mates bring to you their first blog: 

“The Manitoba Open was held on December 10th and 11th. We interviewed Charles Belches, Simon Mahy, and Victoria Lee to showcase their stories.  

Charles Belches is currently in Grade 10. Charles has been playing for 8 years.  

‘I started playing table tennis because one of my friends started playing, so I wanted to try that too. And then here we are now.’ 

Charles on Ryson Lee Wang and Adam Klassen (U19 Boys Singles): ‘They were very good even though they just played for a couple of years. They’re really good. Their basics, their forehands, their backhands, they’re really good.’  

Charles’ advice: ‘Just keep going. If you love what you’re doing just keep doing it. Just keep improving, just keep playing, do what you can, do your best and one day you’ll be a national champion’ 

Charles’ thoughts on the best person at Manitoba Open: 

‘I’ll say me, because I know me. There are people here that can beat me like Yi Fan’ 

Simon has been playing for 6 years.  

‘At first it was a side sport to keep shape for Go Karting. But then I stopped Go Kart because that costed too much money, so I kept playing table tennis and now I’m here.’ 

Simon at the U19 Boys Singles: ‘Today, I won two matches; it was a good start. A win is always a win, but the serious thing starts now’ 

Simon’s advice: ‘Don’t think just do it, don’t panic and just enjoy it’ 

Simon’s thoughts on the best person at Manitoba Open:  

‘Charles, because if I beat him today, I can say I beat the best guy in the room.’ 

Victoria has been playing table tennis for 4 years. She started when she was 9.  

Victoria’s advice: ‘If you enjoy it, have fun playing it.’ 

Victoria’s thoughts on the best person at Manitoba Open: ‘The person who has been playing the best today is Alexus Lee’ 

Charles Belches finished first in U19 Boys Singles. Victoria Lee and Alexus Lee finished in a 1st and 2nd tie in U19 Girls Singles. Simon Mahy is currently 3rd. Congratulations everyone!” 

Larissa Fong Reporting