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Frontier School Division Titles Decided:

Joseph H. Kerr school in Snow Lake Manitoba recently hosted the 49th Annual Frontier Games.  March 1st – 3rd saw 350 athletes (aged ~ 10-14 years) from 34 schools come together to determine champions in 8 sports:  Table Tennis, Badminton, Snow Shoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Trap Setting, Archery, Volleyball and Soccer.

For the Table Tennis event, the top 2 boys and 2 girls from each of the 6 regional playoffs came together to decide who the best players were.  After the last ball had been spun, the medalists were as follows:


Gold:  Heath Everett, Beren’s River School

Silver:  Trenton Campbell, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden

Bronze:  Kingston Catcheway, Skownan


Gold:  Sancia Semple, Beren’s River School

Silver:  Aurora Fisher, Beren’s River School

Bronze:  Beatrice Campbell-Thomas, Skownan

Congratulations to the medal winners and all contestants in these Games; these Games that are a shinning example of the true nature of sport and fellowship.

Kudo’s and hat’s off to Heather Lowe and Brian McMillan of the Frontier School Division for their tireless efforts in promoting the principles of fair play, comradeship, friendship, dedication, effort etc. to all of these athletes ranging from Falcon Lake in the southeast corner of Manitoba, up to Churchill in the North and across to Lynn Lake and Leaf Rapids. 

Ron Edwards Reporting.